The Scent of a Woman

By Chandra Ramakrishnan
September 19, 2016

Between the consumerist jamboree and the stringent call for action by activists, representatives and achievers in the past few days announcing the International Women’s Day, ordinary women like me were at a loss to know what are we supposed to do really on this day!

EXPD releases a comprehensive blogger’s report on launch

By Shveta Srivastava
September 19, 2016

The first property of EXPD, a specialised digital and content wing of Avian Media, called ‘India Blog Trends 2016’ has been launched. We spoke to 100 popular bloggers across lifestyle, technology, travel, parenting, and food sectors and collated the data.

Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2016

by Palin Ningthoujam
September 8, 2016

With Facebook & Twitter crossing the 10 years threshold we are witnessing a social web shift driven by a connected generation. Our team went through various researches and studies conducted to come up with these key data points on various digital platforms.

Monsoon: stories of forgotten memories; magic and mood

by Surya Sadasivan
September 4, 2015

Among all the symptoms of decline of the magic and bliss of monsoon, none is more heartbreaking than the children of today not knowing the joy of making paper boats and racing them in water puddles.


Have mobiles changed the way we are at social dos/dinners?

by Amanpreet Bagga
September 4, 2015

Ever thought how our lives would be without this portable device that abides in everyone's pocket? In our oblivion, it has taken a big portion of our lives. Gone are the days when communication was restricted to pigeons, paper and pencil. Now mobiles have become the most unobtrusive and convenient means of communication.



Wearable technology. Are we really ready for it?

by Mansha Dua
August 10, 2015

Remember the Flux Capacitor wristwatch from the movie, Back To The Future'? Or, those alien headsets used in the movie to answer calls and read screens? We all saw that movie and went meh.



100 percent cut-offs. Are children smarter or has marking become more lenient?

by Srishti Sharma
August 10, 2015

100% cut offs! Admissions out of reach! Such headlines in papers taunt us and leave us to stew in our own mediocrity. Are we really spawning geniuses or are marks just easier to get? A point to be debated.


5 PR trend predictions for 2015

by Nitin Mantri
March 7, 2015

Few months into the New Year, public relations professionals are busy brainstorming new strategies and plans for clients and new businesses.



Essence of PR in 2014: Listen to remain relevant

by Nitin Mantri
February 6, 2014

Year 2013 was one of big headlines. Sachin Tendulkar hung up his pads; Odisha tamed Cyclone Phailin; the RBI gave us a ‘sexy’ governor; the country moved towards stronger laws to protect women and we sent our first Mars mission.